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Latrobe University


La Trobe University is turning some of its earliest campus buildings into state-of-the-art 21st century learning facilities. The Learning Commons (TLC), formally known as The Physical Sciences 3 (PS3), is four-level 4,000 square metre building featuring 16 modern 40-seat collaborative learning spaces with high speed wi-fi, pod-like tables and multi-panel video screens, as well as two 100-seat ultra modern lecture theatres. An area where La Trobe students study, work, research and socialise in a vibrant environment, the new TLC building also has a wider community and industry function. There are two interactive ‘out-reach’ facilities a science lab and collaborative teaching space designed for senior secondary school students to expand their skills and horizons before progressing to university. There is also a showcase area for industry events, to strengthen links between student and employers. Re-use of old buildings means a smaller carbon footprint for the University, compared with new construction. Air-conditioning, as well as electricity, hot water and heating are all provided by the University’s six megawatt natural gas-fired co-generation plant. The project reached practical completion in May 2015 and was delivered on time and within the clients budget.

Mechanical Services Works consisted of:

  • Air Handling Systems, including constant volume AHUs, FCUs, VSDs, Filters, Ductwork and Diffusion.
  • Chiller Water System including a 2 stage Absorption Chiller, Cooling Tower, an Air Cooled Chiller, primary pumps, secondary pumps, Chilled Water piping and High Temperature (180 Deg C) Heating Hot Water piping, expansion and automatic refill systems, water treatment.
  • Heating Hot Water System including extension of high temperature heating hot water (180 Deg C) piping to a shell and tube heat exchanger, HHW piping, pumps, expansion and automatic refill systems, and water treatment.
  • Laboratory Piping including, Natural Gas, Vacuum and Distilled R.O. Water.
  • Comms Room Air Conditioning.
  • Fume Cupboard Systems.
  • Supply and Exhaust Systems and Fans.
  • Building Management System (BMS) Controls.
  • MSSBs and Electrical.
  • Testing and Commissioning.


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