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Carey Grammar School


Client: Carey Grammar School

Project: Middle School – Centre for Creativity and Collaboration

Builder: Monaco Hickey

Consultant: Irwin Consult


The Middle School Redevelopment for students in year 7 to year 9 is part of a major works program planned by the School which was approved by the City of Boroondara in 2015. The total project provides a supportive atmosphere for students and is designed with consideration towards existing buildings on the site and the surrounding residential neighbourhood.

Key elements of the new development include:

  • New two storey building, with flexible general classroom spaces;
  • New ‘Carey Room’;
  • Science /Project Rooms;
  • Alterations and upgrade to Raymond Hall;
  • Connection and extension to the existing Memorial Great Hall including foyer;
  • Middle School Reception / administration support space;
  • Lockers/toilets/storerooms/services;
  • Staff office accommodation;
  • Hard and soft landscaping;
  • eLearning / Technology;
  • Demolition of the existing buildings and re-routing of services where necessary; and
  • Sustainability emphasis

The air-conditioning system for the building utilizes heat recovery air handlers that provide tempered outside air while recovering heat from exhaust to most spaces within the building. These units pre-condition the outside air to a tempered condition. Local In-ceiling Heat Recovery Ventilators are used to provide tempered air to the fan coil units located in the ceiling space.

To supplement the air-conditioning systems described above the proposed facility uses both Gas engine VRF systems and gas fired chiller/boiler as sources of heating or cooling. The boiler provides the source of heating for the existing MGH air handler in addition to that required for tempering the fresh air that is injected into the new building.

The gas VRF system provides the direct temperature control of the occupied spaces.

Mechanical Services provided include..

  • Energy recovery units, heating and cooling coils, ductwork, filtration, air diffusion etc.
  • Natural Gas reticulation to equipment and science wings.
  • Gas engine Yanmar air cooled chiller/boiler heat pumps.
  • Chilled and Heating Hot Water reticulation, pumps, valves, pipe and fittings.
  • Gas engine Yanmar VRF systems.
  • Refrigeration pipe reticulation.
  • Variable speed drives.
  • Supply and Exhaust Air Systems and Fans.
  • Ductwork, dampers, attenuators, grilles and diffusers.
  • BMS Controls and metering.
  • MSSBs and Electrical.
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